Home made Meals

From Green Wagon’s Kitchen, we provide home made meals, side dishes and treats to satisfy the sweet tooth.

All our home made meals are made with our free range produce, from meat, to our own hen’s eggs here on the farm. We only use butter, olive oil and good quality cheese in our cooking unless the recipe calls for margarine, we try not to use any convenience products in our home cooked meals and where possible only use goods manufactured on the farm or direct from our producers.

All our meals are only made from produce available on our site!

Portion sizes:

SINGLE – Serves 1 regular, or 2 small servings

SMALL – Serves 2 regular, or 3 small servings

MEDIUM – Serves 4 regular, or 5 – 6 small servings

LARGE – Serves 6 – 7 regular, or 9 – 10 small servings

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