About us

Established in 2016¬†after our farm Visser’s Haven failed due to the worst drought in over 200 years. Based in Ladismith in the Western Cape (an area I now fondly call Hell’s Oven) I realised the value in the beautiful farm produce around me. The wonderful, earth saving, animal friendly farm practices, the small manufacturers with good, healthy, homemade produce. The stuck away little guys just getting by, and with the failure of our farm and free-range chicken business a dream was born.

The Longer I stayed on the farm, and the more I learned about the amazing produce and natural remedies around me, the more I dreamed of building a business, sourcing and supporting small local farmers and manufacturers, selling and delivering to the consumer beautiful, fresh, healthy, natural produce and products. Products that you don’t easily find in the supermarket made and grown using old fashioned practices.

I wanted to help the small farmer get his product out there, these people work so hard to manufacture or grow their products. They deserve recognition. They deserve to have their fabulous products out there, and you deserve having them delivered to your door. They also deserve to be paid the best prices for their products, and so we pay what they ask!

We have grown from whole free-range chicken to the wide and diverse list of products which we source and deliver today. Each month we try to find new, novel, interesting, healthy and earth-saving products, sharing the love, delivering awesomeness with a smile.

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